How should I name the SRT file? Should I use SRT or SRT without format?

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SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is a protocol, not software, designed for reliable video streaming, especially over unreliable networks.

It wouldn't be something you, or we, would “use” directly.

Here's the breakdown:

  • SRT: This is the actual protocol that helps ensure smooth, high-quality video transmission, even with potential internet hiccups.  It's like a special language that allows video data to travel securely and reliably.
  • Formatting: This refers to how the video is encoded for delivery. Common formats include MP4, H.264, and HE VC. These formats determine things like video resolution (like 4K), file size, and compatibility with various devices.

SRT is a great recommendation for video uploads because of its focus on reliable delivery. It minimizes the risk of dropped frames or buffering issues, which is crucial for a smooth 4K viewing experience.

Here's what you likely need to consider:

  • Encoding format:  Recommend supporting popular encoding formats like H.264 or HE VC that can handle 4K resolution efficiently.
  • SRT upload option:  You can provide filmmakers with the option to upload their videos using the SRT protocol for more reliable delivery, especially if they're concerned about internet stability during upload.

For SRT Requirements, you can check HERE.

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