Why was my film declined?

Modified on Thu, 15 Feb 2024 at 01:08 AM

Here are the common reasons why submitted films are declined.

  • Films may be declined if performances appear inconsistent, unrelatable, or lack clarity in character motivations. Ensure actors effectively carry out their roles and maintain character integrity.
  • The dialogue lacks coherence in the overall story due to weak world-building. Film edits should enhance practical effects, props, and character jeopardy, and clearly establish stakes.
  • Did it contribute to the story's flow, keeping viewers immersed in the filmmaker's world?
  • Lack of suspension of disbelief leads to diminished viewer engagement, impacting the immersive experience of the viewers.
  • Overall film quality falls below par due to the mentioned factors above.
  • Unaddressed ambient audio issues, coupled with inaudible character voices throughout the film on the streaming platform.
  • The utilization of costumes and props lacked effective consideration on the streaming platform.
  • The inclusion of gratuitous nudity lacks narrative relevance, evidently serving a titillating purpose on the streaming platform.

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